Gematica designs and implements systems that enable the road-vehicle communication. These systems represent a complex network architecture aimed at creating a communication channel for the safe, reliable and fast data exchange.

In more complex environments, such as the railway one, the system consists of a wireless communication network between lineside and on-board equipment, and of a wired communication network between the stations and the lineside.

Therefore, such infrastructures result in a complex mix of network equipment and RF wireless components, all this protected by a sound security system.


The most relevant and innovative solution provided by Gematica among the different rail/vehicle solutions is the Data Communication System (DCS) for the railway signaling system called Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) for driverless trains.

A continuous and automatic train control system is guaranteed by a fully integrated architecture consisting of wired backbone, wireless wayside and an on-board vehicle network. Our solutions allow sound and steady communications even at the highest automation levels, the so-called Unattended Train Operation (UTO):

The CBTC solution provides:

  • High bandwidth
  • Secure and protected radio communication
  • Compliance with industry standards and protocols

Each CBTC solution consists of both COTS products – software solutions for system monitoring and management – and customized elements (active and passive equipment) that Gematica designs, tests and integrates in collaboration with thoroughly selected manufacturers.

In its rail/vehicle communication systems, along with the specific information for the mobility, Gematica also supports audio and video data, diagnostics, Wi-Fi for passengers and other type of data of interest for the customers.