Gematica offers a solution based on modern technologies and algorithms of predictive calculation, to keep the corporate assets continuously efficient allowing to prevent failures, reduce the duration of repairs, optimize the time between preventive maintenance cycles.

The solution makes it possible to generate value through the maximization of the availability of resources, reduction of maintenance costs and travel expenses of technical staff, for interventions and training sessions, which can be supported by remote trainers instead of locally.

Main functions:

  • Real-time control, monitoring and geolocation of fixed and mobile assets
  • Management of maintenance in areas distributed on a geographical basis
  • Automatic opening of fault tickets
  • Management of maintenance tickets
  • Tracking and management of accidents, through the detection of single events or alarms
  • Remote training and support of technical staff
  • Remote collaboration through cutting-edge videoconference system and wearables
  • Collection, analysis and real-time and historical visualization of data
  • Collection and disclosure of data generated by different subsystems through a network infrastructure (MSN) which connects all the locations concerned with the control center
  • App for the support of the maintenance work that makes it possible for a user to interact with the domain assets and use the data managed and processed by the system