Gematica, also because of its many years of experience in the networking area, deals with securing the client-server traffic on which sensitive information flows, thereby ensuring data exchange in a completely safe way. The Web Apps realized by Gematica make it possible to keep our customer data safe on a continuous basis, thanks to the application of encryption systems and state-of-the-art safety. These solutions allow us to offer always the latest versions of our software and to release updates and bugfix at all times, without the need to intervene on the physical devices of the customer.

The realization of applications with web technology paves the way to the realization of highly adaptable products to the customer requirements and specifications. Users have access to their data and services anywhere they are, whether in office or on the move, with no need to worry about the device used, the operating system or the software version installed.

Moreover, our interfaces immediately adapt in a natural way to the screens on which they are displayed, thus increasing content productivity and usability.