Gematica deals with the development of customized Mobile and Web Applications that can be used on smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Software solutions are tailor-designed on the specific customer needs and aim at streamlining the in-house processes and improving the digital experience of all application users. Here are some of the main apps designed by Gematica.


Apps designed to optimize in-house processes such as the “Maintainer App”, designed to improve the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations and the collaboration between employees and managers.

Through the functions provided in the App, on the one hand, employees have all the information they need while on the other one, managers can receive constant feedbacks on ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Thanks to the App, it is possible to:

  • Have constant information regarding the main operations, products, services or corporate events
  • Improve communication between employees, team and managers through an internal chat
  • Geolocate assets and failures on a timely manner
  • Have the necessary documentation for on-site operations at all times
  • Increase security levels through emergency call systems
  • Optimize ticket management anytime and anywhere through the most suitable channels


App to improve the user experience of customers, such as the one developed for the 2019 Universiade, a multidisciplinary sport event for University athletes coming from any part of the world, second largest event after the Olympic Games.

Through the App it is possible to:

  • Read the latest news and be updated on all Universiade competitions
  • Get to know the events and the competitions of a given sport on a specific day
  • Visualize medals and results
  • Buy tickets and get support during the purchasing process
  • Share news of your interest on social media
  • Log in to the social pages of the event