Thanks to the several years’ experience gained in complex fields such as the railway one, Gematica has developed a control and monitoring platform of the fixed and mobile assets of the company which makes it possible to maximize the value of our data to obtain a tangible competitive advantage.

The platform is an integrated modular ecosystem which acquires, analyzes, processes and displays huge volumes of data and information coming from heterogeneous sources in one single access point, through a single monitoring and management user-friendly graphic interface available to operators and administrators.

The user-friendly interface can be used by different types of users, from the more experienced to the less experienced, who can manage real-time data, implement immediate interventions and analyze statistics based on historical data.

The modularity of the platform, based on the modern concepts and tools of IoT and Big Data, allows the integration of new and existing systems. Thanks to its modular nature, the platform can be adapted to different application areas, with reasonable interventions based on the customer needs.

The correlation of data generates new information which can be accessed and used by different users: managers, system administrator, supervisor, maintenance technician, operators, customer.


  • MODULARITY – The new and existing systems are handled as add-on
  • INTEROPERABILITY AND CENTRALIZATION – Data and functions coming from heterogenous systems enable new functions. Control and monitoring from one single access point.
  • CORRELATION OF HETEROGENEOUS DATA – The correlated data of different subsystems generate new information unavailable before.
  • SCALABILITY – Different types of distribution available.
  • SAFETY AND RELIABILITY – Safe and encrypted communication through secure protocols.