In addition to the collection, Gematica also deals with the management of data that flows through the different subsystems. Data are analyzed, crossed and correlated to generate new added value information, enable advanced functions of predictive analysis and activate automated work flows. Here are some of the main functions guaranteed by the Big Data solution.

Main functions

  • Management and organization of huge amounts of data, thanks to modern and cutting-edge database technology (NoSQL solutions) which allow to obtain performance and withstand fast-paced working patters
  • Ability to perform Analytics on such data (data mining), so that it is possible to shift from the collection of raw data to the generation of new information, up to the production of insights (useful for operators of the reference area) in order to improve their operations and take decision in an informed and thorough way
  • Machine learning through algorithms for image recognition, language or pattern sounds (machine learning, deep learning), by evolving the concept of Decision Support System and automating part of today’s control processes carried out.