The SCC solution is the basic environment for the development of improving ICT technological applications and infrastructures for the management and enhancement of cultural and recreational sites. The SSC solution allows enhancement and optimization of profits thanks to the reduction of management costs and improvement of the quality of services provided to the public.

The solution consists of a system that collect information through traditional and modern communication infrastructures (of sensors, devices and other existing systems), communicates these data and through their analysis can understand what is happening now and what will happen next.

The manager, thanks to the analysis of data, can implement marketing development actions, promote the body through financial supporters, increase his or her visibility and image, foster the value of the cultural heritage and increase customer loyalty through the use of customized solutions.

The visitor, instead, has a number of services to enjoy a customized and augmented experience through, by way of example, the purchase of online tickets, the participation in a community, and the purchasing of products on e-commerce.

Main Features:

  • Smart management of visitor flows
  • Advanced use of the tourist/cultural offer
  • Promotion of the structure through the creation of communities of loyal visitors
  • Issue and selling of tickets on any Android and Apple smartphone
  • Collection, analysis and real-time visualization of data coming from different subsystems
  • Monitoring and control of the availability and performance of the IT network infrastructure
  • Use of techniques of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for data analysis
  • Monitoring and control of the different areas of the site through access control and video-surveillance systems
  • Provision of multimedia services and contents through visitor proximity and localization functions
  • Mobile Apps and Web Apps for visitors
  • App for the support of the maintenance work that makes it possible for a user to interact with the domain assets and use the data managed and processed by the system