The Smart City is a urban environment that can actively interact with the citizens to improve their quality of life on a daily basis. Smart Cities are the most technologically advanced, efficient, sympathetic and environmentally-friendly cities.

The focus of governments and companies on this topic is growing exponentially. In fact, IDC estimates that at global level the expenditure for smart city initiatives will achieve 189 billion dollars by 2023.

In Italy as well, the topic is much on the national agenda. Almost all Italians actually believe that the improvement of the quality of life depends mainly on the implementation of actions aimed at making the world a more sustainable place. How? Through targeted actions to reduce urban pollution, optimize the use of resources like energy or water, improve public transport.

The solutions proposed by Gematica aim at using the technological innovations of the Internet of things to provide new opportunities for the reduction of the public good management costs, but also to provide multiple benefits for the community.

Through its IoT solutions, Gematica tries to make «Smart» not only any process linked to how cities work, but also make activities easier for those who work in and experience the city.

The main Smart City solutions provided by Gematica are: