IoTRE is a solution designed to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of corporate processes. The solution allows to introduce the latest technologies for the Digital Transformation of companies on a step-by-step basis, even in terms of costs, by simplifying the processes of change management.

IoT technologies are the key to collect information in a centralized system so that it is stored and processed and then distributed, by mobile and fixed devices, where the company needs it. The processing is based on the latest technologies, including Big Data and Machine Learning.

A preliminary assessment and the analysis of the starting status allow to identify the critical issues and the needs for change. The information regarding the fixed and mobile assets of the body are represented in a clear, readable and structured way in order to optimize the decision-making processes and it can be accessed by the members of the organization that will need it regardless of when and where it will be necessary.

The solution can be tailored to the customer needs through the development of dedicated Apps and allows to bring innovation in the processes also according to the market developments.

Main Features:

  • Collection, analysis and real-time visualization of data coming from different subsystems
  • Collection and disclosure of data generated by different subsystems through a network infrastructure (MSN) which connects all the locations concerned with the control center
  • Design, Provision and Commissioning of Wi-Fi infrastructures
  • Preliminary Vulnerability Assessment to check the security status of the infrastructure on its whole (hardware and software)
  • Monitoring and control of the different company areas through video-surveillance systems
  • Monitoring and control of the availability and performance of the IT network infrastructure
  • Management, monitoring and control on geo-referenced map of the fixed and mobile assets of the company
  • App for the support of the maintenance work that makes it possible for a user to interact with the domain assets and use the data managed and processed by the system
  • Integration of equipment, devices and industrial systems of the company

Ask for a preliminary assessment to check the as-is company situation.
Together we will define the main starting elements to gradually start up the process of change.
We will find the IoT Ready assets (e.g. Fixed Data Network, Wi-Fi, Telephony, CCTV, Production Equipment, etc.), and IoT Not Ready assets and we will analyze the cybersecurity state of the company.



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