Mobile Apps

Gematica deals with the development of customized mobile and web applications usable from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Software solutions are developed according to customer needs and aim to optimize internal processes and improve the digital experience of all users who use the applications.


The application is designed to optimize company production and maintenance processes by increasing employee engagement and collaboration between them and the manager. Through the functionalities provided, on the one hand, employees have all information they need, on the other hand the managers can receive constant feedback on ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Thanks to the App you can:

  • Have constant information regarding the main operations, products, services or corporate events
  • Improve communication through an internal chat between employees, teams and managers
  • Geolocate assets and failures
  • Always have the necessary documentation
  • Increase security levels through emergency call systems
  • Optimize ticket management at any time and place

NAPOLI 2019 Official App

Official App Universiade 2019, a multidisciplinary sports competition for university athletics from all around the world, just less important than the Olympic Games.

With the official app you can:

  • read the last news and keep updated on all the match;
  • find out the events taking place day by day;
  • medals table and competitions results;
  • explore events by sport and date;
  • share news about the competition on your favorite social network;
  • get direct link to the ticketing service website for the event of your interest, and informed about the physical sales points in the area;
  • get phone number and mail address to contact ticketing service;
  • get direct access to competition social pages.