Big Data & Analytics / AI


Data is the gold of the 21st century. Every field (eg industrial) has been positively influenced by activities and processes around using data, especially thanks to the spread of low-cost sensors (IoT).

Gematica uses Big Data Analytics technologies in different projects, in fields like metropolitan and railway. These contexts continuously produce and exchange large amounts of data, that has to be properly managed and stored to ensure processes to be executed efficiently.

Building ad hoc platforms (supported by state of the art software and hardware), Gematica is capable of managing the entire flow of data, ensuring storage, elaboration, and analytics in real-time. This makes possible to realize all in one dashboard and control panels, which unleash new insights made up with the elaborated data.


AI is an ensemble of techniques and technologies, that include fields like data analysis and speech recognition. The development of Machine Learning models is making the difference in every industrial field, in which computers are trained to "think" and act with apparent intelligence.

Working on Industry 4.0 projects, Gematica has developed and practiced techniques about predictive maintenance, computer vision, and image analytics.

Predictive maintenance is a key factor for the future of the industrial context: a computer is trained to recognize patterns and behavior in data gathered via sensors, inherently machinery's health, to predict faults and failures.