Location Stockholm - Sweden - Europe
Final Customer Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL)
System Refurbishment of old signaling system to CBTC + onboard services.
Line 40km of line: 30 Km underground and 10 Km outdoor. 36 stations and 3 depots.
Vehicles 78 2-car Passenger Vehicles new trains, 75m + 56 3-car refurbished trains 50m. With coupling capabilities.
Control Center Two



Current Metro phase Commissioning
Estimated final supply handing over 2017



The Stockholm Red Line metro is operating since it opened on 5 April 1964. It is used by 394,000 passengers per workday (128 million per year).
Gematica provides a turn key broadband Data Communication System for:

  • Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)  (Wayside, Center, On-Board);
  • Onboard services;

Train coupling.
The system will be commissioned without service interruption, with an advanced migration strategy.
For all these subsystems are guaranteed high reliability, security, redundancy. Wireless Connection is realized by antenna solution.
The system is fully compliant to the state of art of green technology.