Location Rome - Italy - Europe
Final Customer ATAC (Azienda Mobilità) S.p.A
System Automatic Train Control (ATC) - driverless

25,6 km: (8,7 km outdoor and 16,9 km underground), 30 station (21 underground)and 1 depot

Vehicles 30 six-car trains of 110 meters in length
Control Center One redundant



Current Metro phase Maintenance
Final supply handing over 2013



The transport system designed for Roma Metro C is a light railway full automated, without drivers on board train (driverless) and fixed staff in the stations, but with itinerant agents that give customer support, surveillance or ticket check.

Gematica provides a train to ground wireless communication system for Roma Metro C and it is responsible for supplying:

  • CCTV;
  • Infotainment;
  • Vehicle diagnostic.

For all these subsystems are guaranteed high reliability, security, redundancy.

Wireless Connection is realized by antenna solution.