Location Naples - Italy - Europe
Final Customer Metrocampania Nordest
System Heavy Metro (not driverless)
Line 10,5 km (underground), 1 depot
Vehicles 12 two-car trains
Control Center Two



Current Metro phase Maintenance
Final supply handing over 2011



The transport system designed for Napoli-Giugliano-Aversa (Linea Arcobaleno) is a light railway, with drivers on board train.

Gematica provides a train to ground wireless communication system for Napoli-Giugliano-Aversa (Linea Arcobaleno) and it is responsible for supplying:

  • Mainline CCTV;
  • On-board CCTV.

For all these subsystems are guaranteed high reliability, security, redundancy.

Wireless Connection is realized by an antenna solution.

The system provided is CBTC compliant. Early CBTC solution has been employed to perform preliminary tests.