Gematica is a company specialized in the realization of advanced telecommunication systems and software solutions.

Its mission is to provide its customers and partners with solutions that can improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of what they have to and want to do through the integration of complex IT systems.

To achieve this mission, the goal of Gematica is to create value, where value is interpreted in its broadest sense, including, in addition to meeting the needs of cost-effectiveness and functionality demanded by customers, the deep respect of the environment and the community as a whole.

Life-long training, decades of experience in the field, obtaining international certifications and the steady search for innovative solutions are the key factors of Gematica’s business.

Thanks to decades of experience gained at national and international level in the transport and mobility sector, the company has strengthened IoT technology-based solutions for the centralized management and the integrated control of all the fixed and mobile assets which contribute to creating the value of a company.

More specifically, the company designs and implements:

  • Road-vehicle telecommunication systems
  • IoT platforms based on open technology
  • Multiservice network infrastructures which include systems such as CCTV, Wi-Fi, VoIP, sensors network
  • Development of software solutions such as web application, mobile app, etc.

For these solutions Gematica offers, in Italy and abroad, both specific services and turn-key solutions ranging from design to realization and maintenance.